Interstitial 92: Forest Dreams

“Meet me at midnight in
the forest of my dreams.
We’ll make a fire and
count the stars that
shimmer above the trees.”
—Christy Ann Martine



Interstitial 60: First Sunrise

I captured my first sunrise today, the 60th day of this project. 305 days to go! This could actually be THE first sunrise I have ever shot, or at least one of a very few. Which is silly during winter because the sun rises at a reasonable time and I really can’t use the “it’s too early” excuse for missing them.


Interstitial 45: Snowy Sunset

We’ve had snow for days, which is unusual as it typically melts off within a day or two. Luckily, this week’s theme at is snow. I’ve been able to post a weekly-theme photo each day this week!

I drove in these conditions for the first time today – with my husband as a passenger! – and it’s super icy and slick in many places. I would have missed this amazing sunset if I had stayed in my warm and comfortable home. This project is getting me out of my comfort zone and doing things I normally don’t.