Interstitial 102: Raw Reflection

I don’t usually shoot in raw, but I tried it today to see what results I could get from my old camera. Unfamiliar with Lightroom, I applied the same minor level adjustment as the jpgs. Regardless the format—film in a darkroom or digital on a computer—learning will always be required.


Interstitial 96: By Jove

I think I got it! I think I captured a snowflake, or at least two stacked on top of each other. Check the gallery below to see it up close and my favorite—moss—with snow!

It was quite strange waking up on March 6 to a trace of snow on the ground. It was lightly snowing when I was taking shots, and I wasn’t at all expecting to see the actual shape of a snowflake in my photos. I didn’t think the kit lens was capable. What a fun surprise!

P.S. The image darkened after bringing it into WordPress. I’m not sure what that’s about.