Interstitial 12: Lunar Highway

I took some decent shots of downtown buildings at dusk, but had the most fun playing with two-second exposures on the highway as my husband drove us home. This was my favorite, and I especially love how the natural light of the moon shines brighter than the city lights.

Interstitial 2: Commute

Working five days a week may present a challenge! I promise to not post 260 photos of where I work, although many will probably be NEAR where I work.

Today’s photo was a creative attempt from inside the car, as a passenger, during the 30 minute drive home from work. It turned into a little game to see if I could capture anything interesting at all on my phone and I like the abstract I’ve chosen for day two.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll have my camera.

Interstitial 1: Waiting

Inspired by Patricia Lay-Dorsey‘s talk at her opening at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland tonight. Following my gut and trying something: not aiming for perfection.

This is me, at my desk waiting for my husband to pick me up and take me home. The reflection shows the city lights of downtown Portland seemingly point to a framed photo in the hall nearest my desk.

This is also 1 of 365. I was planning to post January 1, 2017. But why wait?