Interstitial 35: Dreidel

Although the holidays are over, some keep decorations around for a little longer. Perhaps as a lingering reminder of happy memories before attention is fully turned to the onset of a new year.



Interstitial 22: Viridescent

Tree trunks and branches lit up in Christmas green at night.

Did you know language is not so different from math? The adding and subtracting of word elements create formulas for new meaning.

Virid + -escent. Both are from Latin, the former meaning green and the latter a suffix for “becoming.” Combined, viridescent means “greenish” or “becoming green.”

Interstitial 16: Snegurka

In some Slavic countries, the New Year is celebrated with Ded Moroz (Old Man Frost) and his granddaughter Snegurka (Snow Maiden). The tradition of Christmas was banned in Soviet Russia, but celebrating the New Year was allowed in 1935.

From what I can tell, it was at this time the two mythical characters teamed up and Snegurka became granddaughter to Ded Moroz, joining him to help deliver presents to children.

Pictured is my daughter and her adorable bunny, Joey Smokes.


Interstitial 10: Star Light, Star Bright

Today was the first day taking photos felt like a chore. I even tried to find out if posting a photo from a previous day would be considered cheating. The weekly theme – candlelight – saved my day! It took me a few attempts before it occurred to me that I should try pushing the candle holder into the corner. Magic!