Interstitial 91: Variegation

From Late Latin “variegatus,” meaning “made of various sorts or colors.” Imagine how different our world would be if people were variegated.




Interstitial 55: Unnoticed

Looking for things to take pictures of, we mostly see the pretty things. If it doesn’t catch the eye, it goes unnoticed. But looking beyond the pretty, beauty and meaning in the mundane waits to be discovered. If we are so lucky to truly see beyond, we start losing interest in what’s eye-appealing and a love for the unnoticed begins to grow.


Interstitial 44: Natural Communion

My spirit is uplifted when spending time in nature – a great way to start the day. Something I need, and I need to do more of. When I don’t commune with nature, I start forgetting that I need it. It’s not just me. Time spent in nature – even our own backyards – benefits our health, physically, spiritually, and psychologically.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he[she] seeks.” ― John Muir