Interstitial 110: Capax Infiniti

This four-story mural by FAITH XLVII effortlessly reflects today’s mood.



Interstitial 71: Crane + Clouds

The sky was fascinating today; clear for miles, then completely obscured within seconds. The sun fought through a few times, and in the end lit up the clouds with color as it set behind the hills.


Interstitial 2: Commute

Working five days a week may present a challenge! I promise to not post 260 photos of where I work, although many will probably be NEAR where I work.

Today’s photo was a creative attempt from inside the car, as a passenger, during the 30 minute drive home from work. It turned into a little game to see if I could capture anything interesting at all on my phone and I like the abstract I’ve chosen for day two.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll have my camera.