Interstitial 121: Blinded by the Light

The sun’s reflection off a mirrored building shines directly into the office, and it is blinding. Some of us jokingly wonder if it’s the rapture and why we are still here. I exaggerated the brightness in Photoshop for a more dramatic effect. I think the spot on the right is a reflection on the window of something that is behind me.


Interstitial 109: Mitsumata

This Edgeworthia Chrysantha is in fragrant bloom now! I first came across the plant about one month ago when very few blooms were beginning to open. The plant is native to Japan where the bark is used to create handmade, mitsumata paper.


Interstitial 10: Star Light, Star Bright

Today was the first day taking photos felt like a chore. I even tried to find out if posting a photo from a previous day would be considered cheating. The weekly theme – candlelight – saved my day! It took me a few attempts before it occurred to me that I should try pushing the candle holder into the corner. Magic!