Interstitial 104: Rain, Rain, Go Away

I’m not sure which is worse: snow that cripples a city, or endless rain.

Interstitial 55: Unnoticed

Looking for things to take pictures of, we mostly see the pretty things. If it doesn’t catch the eye, it goes unnoticed. But looking beyond the pretty, beauty and meaning in the mundane waits to be discovered. If we are so lucky to truly see beyond, we start losing interest in what’s eye-appealing and a love for the unnoticed begins to grow.


Interstitial 22: Viridescent

Tree trunks and branches lit up in Christmas green at night.

Did you know language is not so different from math? The adding and subtracting of word elements create formulas for new meaning.

Virid + -escent. Both are from Latin, the former meaning green and the latter a suffix for “becoming.” Combined, viridescent means “greenish” or “becoming green.”