Interstitial 112: Cell Bokeh

Not much time for photography today. This is an out of focus shot of my street. The lights look like cells to me! It’s probably bad bokeh with the rings inside the circles but I don’t care. I like it.


Interstitial 90: Sylphs

Bokeh or mythological air spirits? I love the magical quality of this shot, taken through a window with raindrops on it. I think photography can be boiled down to chasing the light to capture magical moments.

P.S. 90 consecutive days y’all.


Interstitial 40: Darkest Days

Waking to darkness and heading home in the dark is the trademark of winter days with little light. Darkness blankets us as we scurry about, changing how we live. We hurry home to the light and warmth of our homes, longing for brighter days that evoke childhood memories of playing outside long past sunset and forgetting to come in for dinner.

Winter reminds us the light is at the end of the tunnel, hope through difficult times will get us through. Without darkness, there is no light.

P.S. Can you see the camera’s reflection?