Interstitial 127: Dud

Mt. Hood looked fabulous on the drive home, but had begun to darken by the time I reached this viewpoint. What a great excuse to play in Photoshop! This photo was leveled, grayscaled, and filtered. For some reason, I’m drawn to this grainy look.



Interstitial 125: Spring Weeds

Cute, but invasive weeds; thankfully they are easy to pluck from the earth.



Interstitial 124: Infused Water

This week’s theme at is “drinks” and we just so happen to be infusing our own water in a giant container on our kitchen counter. The combination of lime and red grapefruit is quite refreshing!



Interstitial 123: Trumpet Lichen

I think these are trumpet lichen (Cladonia Fimbriata). I’ve been trying to get a clear shot of them since I discovered them in early March. Today, I tried out a mini tripod with flexible legs and it certainly helps get a clear shot from an otherwise awkward/impossible position.



Interstitial 122: Manual Moss

It is challenging to get a clear shot of these tiny sporophytes with auto focus, which is what I primarily use. Manual focus worked like magic! I think it’s time to start using it more.



Interstitial 121: Blinded by the Light

The sun’s reflection off a mirrored building shines directly into the office, and it is blinding. Some of us jokingly wonder if it’s the rapture and why we are still here. I exaggerated the brightness in Photoshop for a more dramatic effect. I think the spot on the right is a reflection on the window of something that is behind me.