Mama Druid was a reference to my main character in World of Warcraft, a Night Elf druid who served as the matriarch to my many alts. After a few server transfers, I started referring to her as Mama Druid so my husband would know which character I was talking about. Her very first screen shot was taken at level 26 on January 31, 2005.

Sea Cow in Murky Water

Oh look! A sea cow swimming in lovely murky water.

I’m BaAAack!

I started the Mama Druid WoW blog in 2008, which lasted 8 months and was deleted by me as it served as a distraction from “other things I should be doing.” This blog will not suffer the same fate. I will post photos and screen shots; talk about the games I play; and share my passion for names, language, and etymology. It might take a month or more for me to piece together a single post, or I may not post for a few months (or years!).

So, who is this Mama Druid?

I am a real life Mama in my forties living in a sometimes empty nest. Nature is my religion. I enjoy playing pixels (games!) and playing with them, i.e., graphic design, photography, etc.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos and screen shots are taken by me.

Connect with me on Twitter @mamadruid.

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