About My 365 Project

A 365 Project (aka Project 365) is a commitment to taking at least one photo a day and, because the Internet, publish your best daily photo online. For 365 days; a full year. There are several online communities that support this endeavor—Flickr, 365project.org, tookapic.com—where one can join to get ideas, inspiration, and constructive criticism.


I joined tookapic because their aesthetic appeals to me. I have been thinking about an online photo project as a way to share my many photos taken over the years. I had imagined a format where I could post a single photo accompanied by a short story, a way for me to share my photos and write. Tookapic allows me to do just that, and in a community of people doing the same thing.

Posts can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or you can copy the embed code which I am doing for my posts here. I wish I could also share to Instagram because the repeated posting of the same thing each and every day is going to get old fast! I may have to find an IFTTT recipe that somewhat automates multiple posting.

Tookapic’s interface is clean, simple, and nicely showcases each photo. Plus, there’s a companion app you can use for uploading photos using your phone and interacting with the community. If you are interested in joining me there, check out a few User Stories and watch a video of photographers talk about why they started the project.

356 Project Goals

People start their project for a variety of reasons. Some are established photographers who want to improve something specific in their skill set. Some become photographers through the process. Me? I’ve been a wannabe photographer for about 30 years now. I fell in love with it in high school—the dark room was a magical place!—and have always had a camera.

My goals with this project are to:

  • See if I have and can develop a skill set for photography
  • Learn how to use my Sony Alpha A6000 in a way that satisfies me
  • Stop aiming for perfection, follow my gut, and trust my intuition
  • Commit to a personal project and see it through

Theme: Interstitial

As photos are basically captured moments of time and space between other moments in our collective human experience, “interstitial” will be the theme that guides me. I hope to incorporate something of “between-ness” in most photos.

There’s much more to what the theme means to me. I’ll post about it and link it here once it’s published.