Screenshotting and Imagining

I recently installed ReShade for Elder Scrolls Online and have messed around with it a little bit. I’ve known about GShade for FFXIV and decided to give it a go this weekend and I absolutely love it!

A lot of filters come with it and a very active community constantly publishes more. I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg and spent more time—as I do—playing with Gpose and GShade than actually playing the game.

FFXIV has a lot of cut scenes during which I take screenshots. Especially when I start a new character so I can see how they’ll look in game and then decide if I want to continue working on them in character creation. I was going through screenshots from a new character cut scene and discovered a silly story.

Click/tap photos for full size.

My new Viera is headed for Ul’dah to start her new life.

She’s impressed by the forest… of stone.

Very impressed.

Lots and lots of stone…. makes sense. Ul’dah is surrounded by the desert.

Wait, what? Did that guy just “psst” me?

Can you imagine? He DID “psst” me!

And, yes. Viera start out with ridiculous outfits. According to lore, my Viera came from the Golmore Jungle. I guess that’s something a human bunny would wear in the jungle… [insert eye roll].

But… wait a minute… is that… ?!?!

*gasp* Could it be?

John Lennon?!?! Imagine that!

I told ya it was silly! 😋

The filter used during that cut scene was more washed out than I would have liked. But that’s just me learning GShade. Here’s a comparison demonstrating the difference it can make. Some people use a “gameplay” filter to adjust how their game looks at all times.

Gpose, the native photo tool in FFXIV.
GShade, using my first filter.

It’s pretty amazing. ReShade is fun to use in Elder Scrolls Online, but as far as I know you can’t freeze characters/scenes like you can with Gpose in FFXIV. Black Desert Online also has a native photo tool that freezes, but it’s not as user friendly—at least for me. Based on my experience, the screenshot/virtual photography tool set (Gpose + GShade + the amazing community) for FFXIV is unmatched.

This shot features a filter that came with GShade, and I adore it!

GShade, Lucid Dreaming filter by #AlmaStudio

Another example of the Lucid Dreaming filter:

Native Gpose
GShade, Lucid Dreaming filter by #AlmaStudio

I like how she turned out but I’m undecided about her name. She’s currently Vetrarros Dakini which roughly translates to “winter rose sky dancer.” I’m not loving it, and the naming convention lore is not helpful so back to my name docs and websites until I come up with a name I do love.

I hope you enjoyed the silly story. I find it interesting how it didn’t at all occur to me while the cut scene was playing. Perhaps I was too focused on my new GShade toy and taking screenshots to notice!

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