Introducing Cally and Milly

Sharing the meaning behind the names for these templates wouldn’t fit in a tweet and I didn’t want to introduce them separately because they are twins! So on the blog they go.

While I’m creating a character I usually get ideas about who this person could be and I typically name them accordingly, or in a way that is connected with their class and abilities… or a physical feature.

In the case of the twins, I was looking for twin name pairing options and came across the Mapuche names Califuray (violet flower) and Mallipary (golden flower). Both twin’s eyes were brown, but one had purple-reddish hair. So I added a violet hue to her eyes and a golden color to the other twin’s eyes.

Meet the twins!

Califuray “Cally”

Millaray “Milly”

The witch twins are available in the NA in-game Beauty Album (family name: Basandre). Follow me (mamadruid) on Instagram and Twitter  to see when I upload new templates!

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