Black Desert Online Templates

I started playing Black Desert Online (BDO)  earlier this year. I had it sitting in Steam for awhile and decided to install it. I’m glad I did! I forgot it had interested me because the character creation system is one of, if not THE, best out there. I haven’t tried them all, so I can’t say for certain.

I have found that creating characters in BDO pairs very nicely with my obsession for creating/researching names. Virtually, I can bring them to life!

Once I complete a template, I add it to the in-game Beauty Album where other players can download and apply it to their own characters. Then I take screenshots and share them on Instagram and Twitter. Below are the most recent ones I’ve shared. To see them all (and their names!), I linked them below and added a page for each class under BDO Templates in the menu. I’ll update these pages and add new ones as I create more templates.

If you’d like to see other players’ creations, browse or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

See more Witches!

See more Shai!

See more Tamers!

See more Sorceresses!

This compilation of WIP screenshots for my Sorceress—whom I’m still working on—is a great way to demonstrate BDO’s amazing character creation system.

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