Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I’m in the middle of week five with my lifestyle coach. I’ve lost 10 pounds and about as many inches from chest to thighs. Week one started out great, but cut me down quickly with the beginnings of a sore throat Thursday evening. I was full-blown sick during week two—I attributed it to my body responding to the changes in my diet, something like a “carb flu“—and on Tuesday of week three, I went to the doctor. I had a sinus infection!

I’m doing great with what I’m eating—I’ve been dairy, gluten, and sugar free for 30 days now—not so much with the meal schedule. I’m supposed to eat five meals a day and I haven’t accomplished that yet. My coach isn’t concerned I’m not getting enough food because my body is responding. Right now, this is my favorite meal: roasted sweet potatoes, chicken (seasoned with smoked paprika and lime), spinach, and avocado. So good and yummy!

I’m also not doing great with eating at the same times each day, much less getting up at the same time each day, or even exercising daily.

On Tuesday of week four, I stopped my 365 Project. It occurred to me that I had successfully committed to a daily habit for 132 days—a commitment that does not support my health goals. As I have a bad habit of choosing the easier and more fun things to do, leaving the “should dos” to pile up around me, I thought it best to be happy that I could commit to a daily habit and then redirect my time and energy to activities that will help me achieve my health goals.

On Thursday of week four I ordered my first Fitbit, it arrived on Friday, and I love it! What a great tool to encourage more movement!

Although right now I feel like I’m taking two steps forward, then one step back, I am making progress and it is a thing to acknowledge and be inspired by.

Just keep swimming!

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