Quest for the Immeasurable

I wonder how much first world disease and sickness is rooted in people living in a way that is “well adjusted” to a profoundly sick society. Probably more than we could ever know. Generations after us will have better insight; hindsight is 20/20. Although, I have started to see more articles about eschewing the “24/7 on” lifestyle and it’s contributions to our rapidly declining health as a society. I think there is a general awareness beginning to develop and swell.

I sometimes fantasize about selling everything and moving to a tiny house. I’m not sure if it would be out in the woods or in the city. Why not both?

So, it’s exactly one month since my last Journey to Wellness update. I’ve been on and off since then, and I was home sick most of last week—not really making any headway. Early this month I decided to hire a lifestyle coach and started the three-month program this Monday, March 20. I am already beginning to feel my energy levels return! In addition to eating well, I’m exercising and drinking way more water. I’m on day 3 and it is painfully clear how a lack of routine easily supports bad habits.

Part of that pain is I work full-time, sometimes overtime, and with the addition of my daily photo project, exercise, and food preparation (vs. picking up prepared/fast food at the store/drive-through) I don’t have time for much else. Last night I watched one 45-minute show and this morning I realized I could have used that time to better prepare for today. So boring and sad!

I understand that once new habits are set (supposedly after 60 days), it will be easier and I may see some of that spare time return. But for now, my playing with pixels time is spent on the photo project. I have time for ESO and WoW maybe once a week and that is to just login for a quick task so I’m not booted from guilds due to inactivity.

No pain. No gain. Since I was diagnosed with MS seven years ago this month, I have not made the permanent lifestyle changes I want to make. I have goals and I have to work for them.

I’m on a quest and the reward for completion will be immeasurable.


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