Interstitial 95: I Love My Oregon

If I lived anywhere else in the world, it would have to be in a lush valley where the forest is every which way, mountains are plentiful, and farmland extends for miles; where the ocean, desert, canyons, and lava fields are a short drive away; where every season can be experienced.


2 thoughts on “Interstitial 95: I Love My Oregon

  1. I like this picture! The feeling is almost as if time never moves on but surely it must.
    To my eyes, the heavy weight of the building is balanced perfectly by the sky in the upper right; perfect composition.


    • Thank you! It’s a time-forgotten place; driveway chained up and other buildings deteriorating… that’s what interstitial is for me. I’m capturing a moment in time, the space between other moments. Although this building’s moment has long past! But I do wonder what’s inside… is it storing a forgotten family’s belongings? Are people living in there? There’s a lot of time-forgotten places like this around these parts, making you wonder at their stories.


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