2017 Bucket List Update 1

This weekend I worked on cleaning out my second account so I can cancel the subscription before the monthly payment is due. I’m deleting all the characters so I am not tempted to resubscribe. This includes the only level 110 on all my accounts; a demon hunter.

The hard part right now is “use what I have” as my characters are all over the place and some I no longer connect with. I had to remind myself of the bucket list I created last month because I started considering spending real money on character transfers and appearance/name changes on my main account. I will add a rule to not transfer or change any characters until after they have their first artifact.

I think, more than anything, this bucket list will serve as a focused guide so I don’t go off the rails and make things messier than they are.

Before I created the bucket list, one character on my main account had an artifact and now four have one.

Remaining characters are below, and for some reason the Armory isn’t displaying Kaeleigh’s or Nahualli’s transmog. I don’t have a Monk or Warrior. I planned to create them on Alliance, but I may create them on Horde. I really want an Orc Warrior!

I have spent more time playing ESO than WoW this past month. I’m enjoying the recent homestead release and am very excited about the upcoming Morrowind expansion. Zahra my “celestial druid” is level 30 now, but I’m also leveling a master crafter at the same time. Grusha gra-Tukmek is her name and she’s a level 23 Wood Orc Nightblade. Say hello!

I found that creating a back story for Zahra makes me feel more connected to her. She recently experienced an unfortunate incident where she was caught stealing and couldn’t flee from her attacker. Well, to be fair, an NPC defending their property. I panicked and made Zahra kill them. She got an achievement for being a murderer! I felt horrible and wished I could go back to a save to prevent this experience from becoming part of her history. I should have let them kill Zahra. It would have been more true to her character and personality; the one I created! Now she’s a murderer.

Maybe she should leave thieving to Grusha.


9 thoughts on “2017 Bucket List Update 1

  1. “A focused guide” — that’s a great description!

    Deleting alts can be really hard to do sometimes — especially if they’re quite high level. And your only 110 so far! Ouch! But good on you for sticking to your plan and actually doing it.

    I hate it when I do something for a quest or situation that I immediately feel is out-of-character for my character, something that I regret and wish I could undo. Alas, the best I can do is just avoid that quest or situation on my alts (or at least on the alts for whom it would be out-of-character).

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    • If anything, those out-of-character regrets help inform future choices for the character. If I were Zahra, I most likely would have given up pick-pocketing (which she did in her youth) and would have no business breaking into someone’s home. For me the player, it means I will miss out on some loot.


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    • Thank you! She’s an inappropriately-geared shaman; mail is gear-appropriate for her class. She was wearing cloth for that screen capture, and I do like this outfit on her!

      I like your ESO Outfit blog! Thanks for stopping by so I could find out about it. 🙂


      • Thank you so much! I’m excited she’ll actually be able to go to Morrowind now. I pin interesting outfits and concepts I find on Pinterest as Mama Druid. It’s a great place to find inspiration and ideas for character concepts, and outfits!


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