Interstitial 42: I Left the Light on For You

Something is technically not right about this shot and I don’t know enough to know what or why. My gut tells me I shouldn’t be seeing reds and blues, like a pair of 3D movie glasses. My gut also loves this shot!

My brain googled (in the comfort of my home, not the snow). Color noise is what I’m seeing and it’s due to a high ISO of 3200. After I took this shot, I changed ISO from auto to 100 to “just see” what it would do. (I’m in an auto-mode learning mode.) Each of those shots did not have color noise! But they were blurry. The lower ISO also lowered the shutter speed, keeping the lens open longer to allow more light to pass through. I do not have a steady hand for longer exposures. I think a tripod would have solved this dilemma! I also think I should turn auto ISO off.

So clearly my gut chose this shot for my brain to learn something! Well, relearn. Photography has not been a consistent hobby over the years. One of my goals with this project is to make it a consistent hobby and stop relearning!



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