Summer Unvacation Report

Hey y’all. I’m trying something new – posting directly from my phone! It’s been decades since my last summer vacation report, so why not try it out using photos taken over the summer?

But first, I’m not sure I can claim my summer was without a vacation. I took a few days off after a business trip in the middle of September. Does that count as summer? It sure felt like summer. Ninety-degree weather in Washington DC is no joke!

It was my first time in my country’s capital city and it was amazing. I didn’t see enough and will return one day.

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument towering in the sunset.

Mount Vernon

George Washington’s house at Mount Vernon.

Oyamel in DC

We saw President Obama leaving this restaurant!


Me and my four chins in front of the smaller then expected White House.

I worked hard this summer. My free time during July was spent researching my 18-year job history at my company and creating a new job proposal for myself. Wish me luck!

In August I had to do something to get out and my soul told me to go to the coast. I took a day trip and it was exactly what I needed.

Manzanita, Oregon

Happy soul at the Oregon coast!

My Mom sold her home and is staying with a friend while looking for a new place of her own in a part of the state she loves. She asked me to come visit. Normally I would say no during such a busy time, but I didn’t.

I had a dose of the coast, now I could have one of the high desert too (I live in the valley). And knowing my Mom, I knew we’d get a hike in and it was glorious!

An alpine lake near Sisters, Oregon

Looking at this pic of me looking at the lake relaxes me. 🙂

While most WoW players were enjoying Legion, I was working 10-12 hour days in the final days leading up to my company’s annual meeting, and then 16-20 hour days during the 4-day event. (I got a dose of Warcraft during my flight home from DC. I opted to pay $10 for the movie device and watched the WoW movie!)

Mama Druid at Dinner Event

Tired me at dinner event held at the Smithsonian.

I’m grateful for my #RL adventures and am inspired to continue having them, but I really look forward to adventuring in digital worlds soon.

I’m working another meeting in Chicago at the end of October. This next month will be crazy busy! I’m glad I participated in beta as it gave me a satisfying taste of Legion that’s holding me over until I can truly enjoy it a few months from now.

Until then, I’ll live vicariously through y’all.

Ta Ta!


3 thoughts on “Summer Unvacation Report

    • I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, it wasn’t very high on my “places to see” list. I’m so very thankful I had the opportunity through work, otherwise it may have been much longer before I went, if ever.

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