When Logic Prevails

Focus. Good God Woman, FOCUS!

I quit what I was doing in WoW this morning to write this post because I suddenly realized that what I was doing was not focused and I should quickly commit something to virtual paper for a realignment.

This is what I was doing:

Let’s ignore what I should be doing in #RL for now and start with a quick update of my current gaming situation.

I’m only playing WoW right now. I miss ESO. I love the Elder Scrolls world, ESO is a wonderful game and it seems to be getting better. I simply can no longer play it on my 2009 iMac. I miss SWTOR as well. I setup Bootcamp in order to play it, but it’s just become inconvenient to manage. Additionally, when I play ESO and SWTOR, I play alone and playing with people has become more important to me.

In WoW, I’m starting over on a new server—not a new account because that did not work—and joined a guild for players age 25+ so I can play with people and participate in a forgiving and understanding environment for older players. After nearly 12 years, aren’t we all older players now?

Today, I found myself cheating again. I caught it because I questioned what I was doing with my time. It could save time in the long run, but will I be where I want to when Legion drops? Probably not. How about the pre-patch? Yikes! That’s coming up fast.

So let’s break this down.

Logic: Where do you want to be when Legion drops?
Me: I want my new druid on the new server to be level 100.

Logic: How best to achieve that?
Me: Level her with heirlooms via dungeons.

Logic: Why aren’t you doing that?
Me: I wanted to level her without heirlooms via quests to experience Cata content I haven’t experienced and to add more quest gear to the upcoming wardrobe.

Logic: Let it go.
Me: But it hurts!

Logic: Let it go.
Me: But I want more cloth gear for the upcoming wardrobe and need to level a tailor and their tailoring. I could do that on my level 54 warlock on the old server, which would also help accomplish a secondary “starting over” goal of playing classes I haven’t played. And I could also stuff her banks and bags with crafting materials to jump start professions for new characters on the new server and spend #RL gold to transfer her to the new server.

Logic: …

Well, there you have it folks! It can’t get any simpler than that.

I also have to consider time. I won’t have much of it in August and none of it through the first half of September due to a very busy work schedule which includes a trip to Washington DC.

It’s always refreshing when logic prevails.


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