On Starting Over

I’ve held onto this idea that unsubscribing my main, 11-year old account and starting a shiny brand new account would be fun and awesome. A blank slate! No pets, mounts, toys, heirlooms, or achievements. My super shiny new characters would have absolutely nothing but the clothes on their back.

Such a great idea!

I finally tried it. I unsubbed my main account and had about half a month of playing time left. I created a new account. First name: Mama. Last name: Druid. Brand new identity. Yes! This is going to be awesome.

This was during the Thanksgiving holiday sale so I went ahead and upgraded to Warlords, which included a level 90 boost. Hmmm… I’ll ignore that. My son and daughter-in-law (DIL) started playing, each a pet class (frost mage and warlock) so I decided to play another pet class – hunter – because how awesome we’ll all be together. And we were all trolls – ya mon! Without heirlooms, leveling is still pretty quick, especially once you hit 15 and can start using LFG.

Apparently tweaking my lower level alts is now ingrained in me. That, and curiosity got the best of me. I boosted a level one Undead hunter to 90, primarily to try it out on a new account and to run through dungeons to get better gear for my original character who really didn’t need it anyhow.

The level 90 boost is pretty cool. I didn’t know a tutorial had been added to the Warlords starting area in Tanaan for boosted 90s. But, as a boosted 90, you can’t skip it (I tried via the secret entrance to Draenor) because you start without your spells and have to progress through the starting area to get them. Well, you can skip it but I don’t know if there’s another way to get your spells.

A few days pass and it occurs to me I can now create a Death Knight (DK)!  I’m slowly catching up to my son and DIL, but I’ll be closer if I create a DK. Oh, and ummm… if I transferred gold from my main account I could buy a few heirlooms for the DK. So I did that. I got really close to them; 65 to their 67s!

At some point in here I decide I should see what boosting a level 100 is like. So I do that. I boost a level one Tauren druid – a feral druid just like the Mama Druid, my solitary 100 on the main account – and experience the joy of insta-level 3 garrison… which has a menagerie. But I don’t have any level 25 pets on the new account. But I know who does.

See where I’m going with this? Can you smell the fail in the air at this point?

Back to the main account, which conveniently has an insta-25 stone for any pet. I transfer all tradeable pets, the stone, and more gold… rationalizing that transferring seed monies and (all?) the pets is ok. Why, I do not know. It made sense to me at the moment!

This doesn’t last long. My shiny new account is now tainted with the stain of my true colors. I’m addicted to the convenience of having all the things… not that my main account has much, but time is money, friends!! And clearly I can’t maintain boundaries and self-imposed limitations. I mean, really, why should I when I have an 11-year old account?

New account unsubbed. Resubbed to main account.

Crazy lady with her crazy ideas has been subdued and locked away.

“The dark times will pass.”
—Random Blood Elf NPC


3 thoughts on “On Starting Over

  1. Oh dear…

    I sometimes get tempted to start anew on another server – not another account, but it’s the same fantasy about starting fresh. I think what many looking for is that feeling of wonder we had when we first started playing that particular MMO, when we got so immersed that we could play for hours and hours of full happiness without getting bored. But that feeling had nothing to do with not having any possessions or achievements, but with new experiences: “getting your first mount” , for example, won’t feel the same on your second account, just like it won’t on an alt. I fear the only way to recreate that feeling would be to erase all memories from WoW from your brain, but even if that were scientifically possible, would you want to?

    Thank you for showing me what it’s like, so I won’t have to do this myself! 😉


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