Update: Warcraft, ESO, and Me

I have a habit of posting declarations I fully mean to commit to but never do. And then I put off posting because I’m no longer doing the thing I declared in a recent post.

I’m not meeting the expectations I have of myself as a wannabe blogger. It’s probably time to stop making those declarations, drop those expectations, and just post stuff. There’s so many things I could post! But all the ideas get clogged up in my “thoughtstream,” which becomes a soupy lake and the wonderful ideas get all murky and stuck and don’t go anywhere.

So, I’ll just let it be and post stuff.

Warcraft Update

I resubbed to WoW after a 7-month break. I have been enjoying myself playing the Mama Druid. I’m not sure how I leveled her to 100 as there is so much incomplete content to do. All zones except for Shadowmoon Valley are incomplete. I think I just focused on garrison building with a little questing on the side.

So now I’m using the Draenor Pathfinder as my activity guide. While I understand it’s a way for the devs to ensure all players experience the leveling content, it’s super annoying. It’d be nice if there were perks for accounts that have been playing since Vanilla. We’ve been through so much, just give us permanent flying dagnabbit! Newer players would understand, right?

Most days I only have time to maintain my garrison and do the daily assault, and maybe one of the Tanaan daily assaults. It will be some time before Mama can stretch her feathers and let the Draenor winds guide her above the treetops. Hopefully before the next expansion.

The other day I followed my Tiny Snowman in my garrison. I was surprised to see him out and about (isn’t he afraid of melting?) and was even more surprised by his behavior. At each stop he made, he would pause and then quickly tip his hat. What a fun surprise! I’m curious to see if any other pets do anything interesting while exploring the garrison.


ESO Update

I haven’t played ESO for more than a month now. I love that game, but really have a hard time focusing on one character. I’m getting to the point of letting go of my character ideas and just leveling my highest level (an Imperial Templar in her early 40s) simply to finish experiencing the story part of the game.

Personal Update

Empty Nest

By Virginia State Parks staff (WE Empty Nest Uploaded by AlbertHerring) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons


This year has been interesting for me with a definite theme of self discovery/understanding. I think I put myself on hold while working and raising our kids. Now that they are out of the house I guess my focus and energy is now available for myself. It’s really weird and feels very awkward.

For me, the empty nest syndrome is not one of feeling sad because my children are gone. I am so very happy for them and have really enjoyed getting to know them as adults. Neither of us were saddened by the inevitable. After all, the whole point of raising a child is to prepare them for leaving and beginning their own lives. For me, the empty nest syndrome is one of “well, what now?” While preparing my kids to start their own lives, I had forgotten to prepare myself for what I would do once they left. Maybe there’s a different “syndrome” for this, but it took me by surprise and I suppose I’m now beginning to recover (my youngest is a junior in college) and attempting to refocus.

I have been putting more energy into work, making it matter more than ever before. But I’m not sure that’s the solution. I think I’ll just continue down this path of discovering my empty nester self and see where it takes me.

Settling in for the long haul…


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