Time, the Cure for Altitis

For too long I have wanted to do all the things in whichever game I play. A big part of what appeals to me about MMOs is the ability to try so many different things.

Take WoW for example, I had lists of things I wanted to try:

  • one character of each race
  • one character of each class
  • one hunter of each race
  • one character of each class spec
  • one character for each letter of the alphabet (serious and sad)

I managed a few spreadsheets to plan and map it all out. It never happened. In 10 years of WoW, I completed zero of these lists.

Time happened.

Yet, when I started playing SWTOR, I did the same thing; mapped out characters and specs and professions and, oh my!

Time still happened.

And yet again, when I started playing Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) the spreadsheets came out and all the planning and mapping happened.

Ok time, I get it. I don’t have enough of you. Geez!

So this time—hur hur—I am scrapping my altoholic compulsions and trying my hardest to focus on one character in each game (WoW, SWTOR, and ESO), but…

…time is still happening.

So one character in one game and that game—for now, because I might be wishy washy and fear this may not stick—that game is ESO. That one character will be a druid because I love them so much.

What’s that you say? There aren’t druids in ESO? Well, that’s the beauty of ESO. You can pretty much build whatever character you want using one of four base classes. Also stealing. It’s beautiful.

Thank you time. Thank you for the limitations your limited supply put on me. I thrashed about not wanting to accept it far too long. I can’t do all the things. I just can’t.

That’s all the time (stahp!) I have for a post. Here’s a preview of Zahra al-Nayyir, my Redguard “Celestial” Druid.*

Zahra al-Nayyir, Redguard Druid

* WIP, utilizing celestial type spells in ESO inspired by the Warcraft’s balance druid (but not a moonkin). She even has a story for RP-in-my-mind stuff!


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