Ladies of Elder Scrolls Online

Introducing my (current) Ladies of Elders Scrolls Online.

Click the image for a larger view.

Ladies of Elder Scrolls

Clockwise, starting with the largest, they are as follows:

  1. Glenice, Imperial Templar
  2. Lavaeda the Beloved, Redguard Templar
  3. Ilaliya Aiuru, Dunmer Dragonknight
  4. Lybbestre, Altmer Sorcerer
  5. Onibla Blind Eye, Argonian Nightblade
  6. Goodis of Aroodis, Nord Sorcerer
  7. Luwana Brixton, Imperial Banker
  8. Kuemi, Khajiit Nightblade

I have been quite pleased with the character creation process. In fact, having played most days since pre-launch, which is about two months now, I’d have to say creating characters has turned out to be my favorite part of the game so far. Certainly, playing the game has been fun, but I haven’t played a game with this kind of flexibility when creating a character. I’m not saying this is the best character creation system out there as my experience prior to ESO has been limited. It’s just captured my fancy – a little too much, if you ask me!

The ladies you see before you will not all make the cut. I can already tell that I need to tweak my Dunmer a bit more. Glenice, featured in the largest square, is my highest level at a whopping 23. I’m still not sure she’s the one I’ll level through to the end as I actually get quite stuck trying to decide who to level. I have considered deleting most of them and starting over as if I had just got the game. But that’s just under consideration now. We’ll see.



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