Malorne, Giantstalker, Queen Azshara Transmog Mashups

I have yet to fully immerse myself in the transmog “mini game.” It’s a nifty feature that allows characters to be unique snowflakes and the hard work of gear designers to be shown off. I really do enjoy seeing what people come up with and like that everyone doesn’t look the same at certain points in the “gear getting game.”

The primary reason I haven’t spent much time on dressing up my characters is that I work through expansions so slowly that by the time I’m at a point where I want to spend time farming for transmog gear, the next expansion is right around the corner and I just haven’t felt like spending the gold on applying looks to gear that will soon be disenchanted. I also did not want to spend the time digging through all my bags and banks to find gear.

Recent changes have made transmogging easier:

  1. The Timeless Isle
  2. Access to your gear in all locations via the transmog interface

The Timeless Isle has provided me with gear I probably won’t switch out for awhile, and no biggy if I do because it’s SO EASY now to select which transmogs I want to apply. I no longer have to run/fly back and forth between my character’s personal bank and their void storage. It’s all accessible with one click per slot. Love it!

For fun, I took my two 90s (at the time, I now have three 90s and a fourth on the way) to the transmogger and came up with some mashups using what they had on hand. Which means all these items are fairly easy to get. I also applied a few mogs to my heirloomed Paladin.

Malorne Mashup

Malorne Mashup Front.jpg

Malorne Mashup Back.jpg

View in 3D on Wowhead | View in Armory

The 3D view in Wowhead uses a polearm I thought might look cool with the set. And I’ve been wanting to use that cloak for the longest time and was pleased it worked with this outfit. Some may not like the furry orc hat (I think that’s what it is), but I do.

Eventually, I want Lunosa to have the Conqueror’s Nightsong set. Her name means Moon Bear and there are moons and bear paws on the set. Perfect! If you look carefully at the picture in the link, you’ll see bear paws on the bottom edge of the shoulders, top part of the thumbs, and in the middle between the knees. And throughout, some of the larger designs look like claws of a bear from a paw print.

Giantstalker Mashup

Dragonstalker Mashup Front.jpg

Dragonstalker Mashup Back.jpg

View in 3D on Wowhead | View in Armory

The set boots would definitely make this look better, and a different weapon. But I’m happy with this for now. I just like the fact she’s running around in shorts and boots.

Clearly, I like beast-y hats.

Queen Azshara Mashup

Queen Azshara Mashup Front.jpg

Queen Azshara Mashup Back.jpg

Queen Azshara Mashup Side.jpg

View in Armory

I didn’t build a 3D view in Wowhead as this look has already changed since I created it; her previous shield and gloves matched better. But ’tis the nature of mogging while leveling.

A big annoyance to me is the lack of caster leather, mail, and plate gear while leveling. Drops, quest rewards, and even crafted gear for these armor classes lack caster stats. Quest rewards could have improved with Cataclysm in the revamped vanilla zones, but I haven’t noticed as I tend to heal through dungeons while leveling.

Anyhow, I love the idea of my paladin running around in robes as she shocks the holy snot out of her foes. Plus, she’s probably more covered up than her plate-wearing sisters!

Until next time.


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