Will the Real Mama Druid Please Stand Up?

In 2008 I started a blog called Mama Druid. I blogged for about 8 months, then decided I was spending too much time on it and deleted it altogether. I regret doing so, but thankfully it’s easy to start another one.

A lot has happened since 2008. The Internet has evolved quite a bit and one of the most impactful changes has been the adoption of using real names everywhere, merging personal and professional identities. I have tried blogging as myself about personal stuff, but it just doesn’t feel comfortable. I still want to separate personal and professional and have been struggling with this as everything nowadays seems to say that era is over (a topic worthy of its own post, possibly even a series). I became a denizen of the Internet in 1995, that’s almost 20 years ago folks, indeed, a different era when people used screen names to identify themselves. Perhaps this way of navigating the Internet is ingrained in me… can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I suppose.

But I still want to write and talk about stuff. So I’m aborting my attempt at merging personal and professional, which never really got that far anyhow, and resurrecting Mama Druid. I almost squeeed right there.

Life is much busier now. I’ll post when I can and am very much looking forward to returning to the WoW blogger community, if one still exists. I know of the few blogs I’ve continued following and, alas, with less time available I just can’t read everything I’d like. If there’s something you want to be sure I see, comment or hit me up on Twitter @MamaDruid.

Peace out.


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