Interstitial #6: Transport

Often, a transition occurs when we travel from one place to the next. As we move away from the place we were toward the place we are going, our mental space is occupied with organizing our thoughts and intentions to align with our destination and what awaits us there.

The streetcar’s unexpected appearance made this my chosen shot for today. Four modes of transportation are represented – bicycling, public transport, driving, and walking (me!) – each provides a distinct transition experience made even more unique by what each person chooses to do with their time moving through space.

Interstitial #6: Transport by aldabwoods


Interstitial #5: Succulent

This succulent was gifted to me on my birthday by a friend at work. It’s on my desk and will remain there as it reminds me of generosity; the quality of thinking of others in those interstitial moments of a hurried day. A quality too often neglected.
It bugs me that the center is not in focus. I need to learn how to better focus with my camera, and I’ve got 360 days to work on it!

Interstitial #5: Succulent by aldabwoodsInterstitial #5: Succulent by aldabwoods on tookapic

Interstitial #4: Stuck in Contrast

I had about half an hour to shoot today, and the conditions were not ideal. It was overcast, light was quickly fading, and it even hailed! Not a single shot was in focus.

I like this one best. I’m a sucker for contrast and the space between the branches supports the “interstitial” theme, but not enough space for the piece of lichen to pass through without getting stuck.

Interstitial #2: Commute

Working five days a week may present a challenge! I promise to not post 260 photos of where I work, although many will probably be NEAR where I work.

Today’s photo was a creative attempt from inside the car, as a passenger, during the 30 minute drive home from work. It turned into a little game to see if I could capture anything interesting at all on my phone and I like the abstract I’ve chosen for day two.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll have my camera.